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30 May 2017

Guest table collapsed during event :(

We had a mishap during the course of our son's baptism in May 2017. One of our guest tables collapsed on one side. Not sure how or why this happened as there were only three people at the table when this occurred and they were not seated on the side of the collapse, thankfully no one was injured. My guess is that the table was not clamped in place so it gave way.

This incident made the rest of our day take a a sour turn as our guests were uncertain on how secure their tables were. I bring this to your attention as I am afraid I heard that this has happened before or that this happens and I think it is unacceptable as it could have led to something more severe like an injury to either staff or guests. We had broken pieces of glasses and young kids walking and playing around and I can't imagine how things may have gone really bad.

I have to say that the staff present were swift to make amends and get our party back on track and we do sincerely appreciate their efforts. However, management's response to the incident was lacking empathy, they said they would discuss it at one of their weekly meeting and investigate.

The venue, food and service was great however not great enough to make us forget the incident.

I would strongly recommend you check that the tables are secure prior to event, even though the facility claims to have done this.

Hope you have a successful event!
6 Dec 2016

Amazing Venue

Our wedding reception took place at the Harbour Banquet Center (Nov.19) and we couldn’t be happier with this decision. Our day was a huge success and this is in large part thanks to the staff at Harbour. We worked with Marisa, a superb professional, who made everything flow smoothly. She was always there when we had any questions/concerns, was very accommodating and flexible, and made my wedding planning a breeze. We can’t thank you enough for your hard work and support! Mickey, our head chef was also amazing. Our meat was tender, all food had such great flavor, and the options were unique--there was something for everyone. Mickey is a very talented chef that we were lucky to have at our event. Further, all staff (bartenders, servers, managers, etc.) at Harbour were exceptional. Everyone was professional, pleasant/friendly, talented, and made ALL our guests feel as though they were VIP. To this day, we have guests approach us and inform us that this was the most classy/elegant wedding they have never been to. Marisa, Mickey, Roberto, and all staff at Harbour Banquet Center, we can’t thank you enough for exceeding our expectations and making our wedding day a dream come true!

Mrs. and Dr. Sardana
4 Feb 2014


We had our wedding at the Harbour Banquet center a couple weeks ago but I could not wait to come home and thank Roberto and his team for making our Wedding Night Super Special !! Roberto handled us like we were family he had all our best interests in mind and even the night of he was super attentive to our needs. All our family/ friends kept commenting on how BEAUTIFUL the venue was as well as how organized the service was! (we are used to waiting for our meals at other halls we've been to... NOT HERE!!!) Words cannot express how happy we are that we chose the Harbour As our venue, this was probably one of the best decisions we have made... well that's besides the decision to get married that is.
If you are thinking of getting married soon I would strongly suggest choosing the Harbour banquet center they never let us down and I know they wont let you down either!

Thanks everyone ! Keep up the Excellent work !
Liz & Tylor
19 Oct 2013

Great Venue!

Dear Jessica & Banquet Staff!
We couldn't thank you enough for all your help in organizing our wedding reception so seamlessly. all of our guests were extremely happy with the service and friendliness of the staff. Everything was beautiful and exactly what we wanted!

Warm Regards,
Jenn & Jason St. Hill
5 Oct 2013

Amazing Wedding

The room and surrounding areas were spotless and beautifully decorated. I loved the location on the water, which is the very reason why I wanted to get married here. Everything seemed accessible and I loved having the Bridal suite as an area away from my guests.

All staff during the wedding, from the doorman to the waiters and waitresses were so attentive to our needs and were always there when we needed them. They were professional and courteous, no complaints!

The food was excellent! All my guests commented on how wonderful the food was. We loved the Prime Rib and how tender it was. The food was displayed beautifully and everything was how I remembered it from the Gala Tasting.

Thank you,
Amy & Doug - Sept 27, 2013
5 Oct 2012


I wanted to take this opportunity to impress upon all of you on what a wonderful experience it was to work with each of you in making Marcy’s day truly exceptional:

Jessica: Your cheerfulness and accommodating manner in allowing us to “personalize” her day
Emily: Your attention to detail and your quick responses to my correspondence
Chris: For your helpfulness in making the “napkins” just right to work with our colour theme
Barbara: “You couldn’t do enough” to make sure all my guests were welcomed, and your constant attendance to “help” out whenever possible and making my day “less stressful”
Wendy: Loved the Sangria! Just the fact that you asked me to sample the sangria showed your level of service and your warm enthusiasm to make sure I loved it.
Ian: thanks ever so much for “finding” my lost item – I am now redeemed by my future daughter-in-law.

The venue was also exquisite; the set-up of the Blue Room made a statement . . .but let’s not forget what cinched it all . . . Kudo’s to the Chef/Chefess and Kitchen Staff . . . the FOOD WAS OUTSTANDING!!!

You folks outdid yourself! Each and every one of my guests loved the presentation and quality of the food; keep up the excellent standards of “best of class”

As you know the wedding event will be hosted by Oakville Conference Centre which is also under the umbrella and if the FOOD and AMBIENCE is anything like the bridal shower. . GOOD FOOD AND FUN WILL BE HAD BY ALL!!!


14 Sep 2012

Larissa & Don's Wedding, August 31st, 2012


I would like to thank you and everyone involved with Larissa’s wedding day for making it such a success. The weather was great and the setting beautiful but it takes the people involved to make the day a success. The food was outstanding so I thank the chef and all involved in the kitchen. The wait staff and all the people serving were fabulous. You can have great food and surroundings but it’s the people serving who have a tremendous impact and I congratulate you and all them for making our evening exceptional. I can’t find the words to properly express my gratitude except a heartfelt “Thank you”!

Best regards
13 Jul 2012

Natalie & Peter-September 18, 2011

To Roberto, Jessica + Holly,

Just want to thank you for all your help with our wedding. We have had many people tell us it was the "most fun wedding" they have ever been to. We will definitely refer you in the future.

Many thanks
Natalie & Peter
September 18, 2011
19 Dec 2011


The evening was a blast great music! Awesome food! Everything was awesome,

Micheline Simone
December 3, 2011
19 Dec 2011


Hi Holly and Jessica,

Before Krissy and I go on our honeymoon, we would like to thank you and the
staff at Harbour for the amazing night. We've received a lot of great
feedback from guests about the venue location, the amazing food and of
course, the martini bar, which was a major hit. We'd also like to thank you
and Jessica for helping us out before and during the reception. It was a
great night overall.

Aside from that, because of all the comotion and the running around, we may
have left some items there such as a centrpiece and a few guests' presents.
I was wondering if you or the staff come across any to please let us know.

Thank you again,

Krissy and Jose